About Us

sv Surath Vanno, the founder of Bankampu, has always been affectionate to nature, especially ornamental plants since he was a young child. He first collected plants since he was only fifteen.

Even though he pursued an academic degree in Industrial Design and taught as an industrial art professor at Chulalongkorn University, he has always collected and traded plants, and designed gardens as a sideline career. In 1975, Surath married his wife, Tassanee Vanno. With the help of his wife, the couple devoted their lives to their career and became respected as a dedicated plant collector and landscape designer. Surath loves to travel around the world, finding new plants to add to his collection. He builds his business on honesty, hospitality, and friendship. A visit to his collection has always required an appointment. Today, Surath offers his collection to the public by opening Bankampu Tropical Gallery, where nature lovers can enjoy his work for leisure or educational purposes.